May 14, 2008

Way to go Connecticut!

God, I love my state.

A friend of mine recently stumbled upon Connecticut's latest aim to get kids recycling. Now, I think we can all agree that recycling is a good thing, and that impressionable kids should be encouraged to do it. What better way to convince them than to create a mascot for kids whose sole purpose is to promote environmentally friendly habits? What could go wrong?

A lot, apparently. Meet Phillup D. Bag:

Phillup D. Bag
Gaze into the soulless, murdering eyes of recycling

Phillup D. Bag. Let that sink in for a second. Yes, it's a play on words. Yes, they're trying to get kids to fill up some kind of bag for recycling.

But "D. Bag"? As in, an abbreviated form of "douchebag"? Who in the holy hell let this one slip by? We're supposed to be the most educated state in the country, and this was the best we could do? Was "Recycling Mo Fo" taken by another state? How about "BJ the Dumpster"?

At any rate, way to go guys! At very least you're being upfront and honest with my tax money here... it's going to fund some D. Bag. You bunch of Phillups.


Dan said...

I can't believe what a sell-out Phillup is. I mean really. He is actually encouraging the destruction of his fellow bags. I guess he figures the best way to avoid having himself be filled up with garbage and thrown away is to encourage kids to do likewise with other bags.

In my book, Phillup D. Bag is Chick N. S**T

Anonymous said...

Next we'll be encouraging kids to use 'alternative' energy sources. Who are they gonna have in that commercial? Ben B. Gay versus the evil fudge-packing industry? Someone needs to watch over these people....