May 6, 2008

Hello World!

Finally got me one of these new-fangled blogs!

This blog is meant to be my creative outlet where I can post whatever I want like rants, ravings, videos, images, commentary. I like something I saw on the internet? I'll add it here. Sophmoric humor? You bet. What the hell, I'll maybe even throw in a haiku or two at no extra charge (Don't think that I won't / Haikus are underrated / And I just used one).

Point is, I'm going to have fun with this and maybe even try some things out. Stay tuned.


Nick C said...

so far so good! I think you should put some links to other friends sites like for instance! Looking forward to seeing how twisted you truly are!!!

Dan said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Jon! Here's a haiku to welcome you:

Blogging, the Unwind
Will he keep up with the posts?
I can't wait to see.