May 26, 2008

Let's do the time warp again

This weekend, when opening the time capsule buried in cleaning out my parents' basement, I found a number of ancient technologies that have long since been forgotten by men. Friends, take note; these are the things that I will be wrapping and giving to you for birthdays and other occasions. Unearthed was:

  • A TMK, black and white "Portable TV", complete with antenna and tuner knobs. I wouldn't recommend watching it as it's a huge strain on the eyes. Instead, visually read a book written in braille - it'll be less frustrating.

  • A 28.8k Ethernet Modem. Not pictured above: it's cellular capable, plugging into what appeared to be a brick with a keypad on it.

  • A Timeport, which is either a really early BlackBerry-esque device, or a personal time machine disguised to look like a really early BlackBerry-esque device. I'm not too sure which.

  • A Grainger magazine showing the 600 products of the year, including power cords, a tape measure, a wrench, a lock and a flashlight. What was more surprising was the fact that they made no mention of previous year's winner, the printing press.