May 19, 2008

The creepiest website you'll see today

I found a website the other day that is really difficult to explain. It contains nothing profane, graphic or offensive, so it's definitely safe for work. It's just... well, it's really creepy. But funny. Take a look:

Oh sure, I could go ahead and tell you that it's just a bunch of pictures with a father and his baby, only the baby's head has been photoshopped onto the father and vice versa, but that really doesn't capture the subtle and nuanced "WTF?!?" that will wash over you as you're looking at them. Honestly, the most unsettling thing about the site is that someone is committed to bringing new content to it 5 times a week.

In conclusion, I'm adding it to the Odd Squad on the right hand side for easy navigation with a big seal of approval. I wish I had thought of the idea first, especially since it would have been a great idea for practicing my photoshop skills.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is truly a creepy website.