May 28, 2008

Anachronism: rewriting history for the sake of entertainment

THIS IS SPARTA, REPRESENTED IN CARD FORMHave you ever wondered who would win in a fight: Alexander the Great or Genghis Khan? Me neither, but fortunately I don't have to anymore.

There's a now-defunct collectible card game called Anachronism originally put out by the History Channel (THE History Channel) and TriKing games that allows you to select heroes and warriors from all different cultures and time periods to have them fight each other. The mechanics of the game can be found out on Wikipedia if you're interested, but I was sold on the game because a) the games are short (10 minutes, max) and b) it's free... kinda.

It's free in the sense that the game has been abandoned by the distributing companies and at this point being supported entirely by the fans. So a few of my friends went out to one of the game's major fan sites, Dystemporalia, and downloaded the image library for all the cards in the game and we printed out our decks. For the price, you can't beat it.

Nerd musings aside, this game does get my imagination running wild on some of the other historical matchups that the game missed out on. I would pay good money to be able to have:

  • Joan of Arc v William Wallace
  • Atilla the Hun v "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
  • Aaron Burr v Alexander Hamilton 2: this time, it's personal
  • Ivan the Terrible v Ivan Drago
  • Danny Larusso v Cobra Kai
  • Captain Ahab v Cap'N Crunch
  • The Jolly Green Giant v The Staypuft Marshmallow Man

And that's just to name a few off the top of my head. History Channel, MAKE IT HAPPEN!


Anonymous said...

Ever wonder where the Jolly Green Giant came from? Little Miss Muffet sat on Jack's Beanstalk...

Jeffrey said...

my vote is for the staypuft marshmallow man

Anonymous said...

marshmallows are yummy. yes, i know, it's weak for my only comment on this matter; it's my honest opinion nonetheless.

Rich said...

It's 2012, and I am just now finding out about the game. Wow, back in 2008 it was already defunct. Sad. But good for us.