May 21, 2008

Round is a shape

I'm a physically active individual in good health with a healthy self-image. That said, I also know that my eating and exercise habits are less-than-ideal or inconsistent and I could certainly stand to lose a few pounds (50, easily). I mention this as I feel it is the required personal background needed to view today's events through the appropriate lens.

It started today, innocently enough, with a free pedometer. To receive one, I needed only to go on a mile walk - something I'm usually up for in most circumstances anyway. While the pedometer itself was fairly cheap (and its instruction manual mostly in engrish, likely to be covered in a future post), one thing I noticed was when it was fastened to my belt, I was unable to read it. To be specific, I couldn't push my stomach out of the way far enough to be able to read a few digits on a little LCD screen telling me just how often I had been gyrating. It was mildly irritating and humiliating.

That afternoon, after leaving work and realizing that Wii Fit (an exercise "game" for the Nintendo Wii) was released today, I decided to get Wii Fit because I am decidedly Wii Not. Or at least I would have purchased it if not for the fact that is was sold out everywhere. Who knew a $90 balance board and disc that tells you how to do push ups, sit ups and a few other exercises would be so popular?

One store even had copies but refused to sell them because I had not payed them extra to make sure that I would be able to buy it today. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that just a form of extortion? I digress...

After getting ticked off about not being able to purchase my exercise trainer (....thing), I did what any rational adult would do in that situation: I went to Taco Bell. That will show them! The deliciousness of the Grade D meat and nacho cheese soon gave way to the familiar despair of realizing I just f***ing ate Taco Bell.

Long story short, and without getting too graphic, I'm really regretting that decision now. If I'm a product of my culture, I'm not surprised we have an obesity epidemic.

Sorry for getting all LiveJournal on you today, I figured this story was mildly amusing and gives some insight into what makes me tick.

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