May 21, 2008

Rumor: Is Apple developing a new product to revolutionize the way we think?

Having already a strong presence in the home computer market, as well as practically reinventing the digital music player and most recently the cellular phone industry, does Apple have plans to move into the emerging "thoughtspace" market? Unconfirmed, but reliable, sources claim that Steve Jobs and company are currently developing the iBrain, a device that supposedly will help organize and streamline your thoughts, desires and basic motor functions.

While no design documents or pictures have yet been released, the iBrain has been rumored to resemble a helmet and will have at least one proprietary connector that will insert into your cranium. Details are sketchy, but there should be two initial models at two different price points with the more expensive model including things like a larger hard drive, additional usb drives and fuller access to your human emotions.

Also expected is full integration among all of Apple's existing products. Especially of note is the ability to increase "thought throughput" by combining your brain's processing power with that of your iMac, Mac Pro, or any of the MacBook computers. There are initial plans for Apple to push iBrain updates directly into your skull via wifi connection to ensure a consistent consumer experience.

While anything more at this point is pure speculation, this blogger is excited to see if Apple can revolutionize the way people think. Finally, thinking will become trendy again.

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Dan said...

I think my iBrain is stuck in "shuffle mode".