Nov 28, 2008

Mad skillz

I came across this awesome TF2 video over at Jaz McDougall's blog. It is some seriously awesome manipluation of the TF2 environment, set to some seriously awesome music. I'm liberally applying the term "awesome" here, because I think it's deserving of it.

Spectacular mid-air pyro volleys, an uber chain against the train, the random firing squads... there's nothing in here that doesn't impress. My favorite part has to be the cube spy crab walk at the 4:59 mark.


JM said...

Man, that spy walk was awesome. I'd love to see a competitive game featuring the "1000 crit rocket zero-g tennis" mechanic, too.

Two l's btw :p

Gawain83 said...


Jon Baker said...

Rocket tennis would be awesome!

I would love to play a game where there is one zero-g scout trapped in a see-through sphere. His only task: survive as long as he can while snipers (outside of the sphere) try and pick him off. One shot kills.

Also, Jaz, I apologize. "McDougall" is not something that spell check can save me from. Thanks for keeping me honest!