Nov 11, 2008

Truly, these are special olympics

Found a fun little game in which you utilize physics to control the thighs and calves of a runner to make him sprint. It's called QWOP, because those are the keys you use to control him.

That's the theory of it. In practice, my runner has what we like to call "Uncontrollable Falling Down Syndrome" (UFDS), and as such I'd like to think that qualifies him for the special olympics. Oh, sure, I've been able to get him to go about 15 or so meters but sooner or later my guy just wants to fall down (against my will). Sometimes he just collapses, sometimes has an uncontrollable urge to do a sommersault and bang his head on the ground. Either way, I want to congratulate him for not crapping his pants.


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