Nov 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from The Unwind! Hope you're having fun this holiday, and no matter what you're eating today, it's a pretty safe bet it isn't as awesome/horrible as Turbaconducken. That's right, it's turducken - your run-of-the-mill chicken stuffed in a duck all crammed into a turkey - only wrapped in bacon.

And to our non-American friends: Happy, uh, Thursday! We're taking today off to eat way too much and watch American football. I don't get it either, but it's fun.


JM said...

I loved thanksgiving, what little I saw of it living in the US. I was staying with my wife's mother and, being Jehovah's Witnesses, they didn't celebrate it. So the whole country stopped working and I sat there with my wife watching everybody pointedly not celebrate anything.
All holidays are "pointless" or whatever, so I say bring on Thanksgiving. Maybe here in the UK we could have a "Fuck, we lost that war with those upstarts, and now they have a massive country" day.

Jon Baker said...


It is fun. It's true, a lot of the holidays do seem a little pointless this far removed from them, but of all of them I like Thanksgiving the most - it really brings the family together.

Sorry you weren't able to enjoy in the celebrations. Maybe you partook in some other Jehova's Witnesses activities, like going door to door asking people about their religion? :)

JM said...

Heh, more like telling them they have the wrong religion. Nope, I spent a lot of time on wind waker in those days. We did actually serve turkey and everything, so I'm not sure if they pulled off "not celebrating" it.