Nov 7, 2008

Dear SNL, please rickroll us. For real.

Dear SNL,

I realized something today. You have a tremendous opportunity to turn an obscure internet meme mainstream and get the strong attention of many in a prime demographic. I'm of course, talking of the rickroll.

I even have it envisioned. You get Fred Armisen or Bill Hader to address the camera for a PSA and talk briefly about the idiotic rickrolling internet craze and how to protect yourself from it. And then, in their closing remarks you say something to the effect of "And we at Saturday Night Live...... are going for the high score". Then immediately, the opening synth drums kick in and it cuts over to Rick Astley in studio doing "Never Gonna Give You Up" live. Bam, 10+ million people rickrolled.

There's really no downside here. Anyone who's not in on the joke will either write it off as an unfunny (but brief) sketch, or become educated. But more importantly, anyone under the age of 30 will be in on the joke, and will set the internet abuzz with the massive rickroll. Word of mouth on it would be huge.

And let's face it, SNL... you've gotten better in recent years. You're still not what you were in your heyday, but still very much funny, relevant and worth people's time. And that word of mouth might just be what you need to get more young people sticking around and falling in love with you.

I mean, seriously.

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