Jun 13, 2008

Team Fortress 2: Our intelligence has been captured

Yes sir, The Unwind is currently without intelligence. That is, after seeing the below video on TF2 griefing, or the act of being a Phillup in-game, I nearly fell over laughing and couldn't hold a coherent thought. Your mileage may vary, particularly if you haven't played the game before.

Be warned this video contains some adult language (which is why it's not embedded), as the sole intention of the person recording it was to piss off everyone else in the game. It's simple math: internet + anger = cussing.


In other TF2 dealings, I had found an excellent resource on all things TF2: http://tf2wiki.net/wiki/Main_Page. It has everything from strategies to class matchups to voice actors for each class. Everything anyone (me) would need to take their game a little too seriously.

All kidding aside, this is a great game and I have yet to get tired of it after many months of playing - no small feet this day in age. If you play (the PC version), leave your handle in the comments section and we'll capture some control points next time I log on.

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Jeffrey said...

i'll be getting back to playing that game very soon here. see you out there!