Jun 6, 2008

Holy crap, it's been a month

I can't believe it's been a month already since I started The Unwind.

Blogging for The Unwind has been a terrifyingly exciting experience for me, and is unlike anything else I've done before. You know that nervousness you get when you speak publicly? It's sort of like that feeling hitting you retroactively, especially with people I interact with in real life. I know in my rational brain I have no reason to feel this - it's just kind of a knee-jerk reaction. I look forward to overcoming that feeling in the future, as it'll no doubt help me in other facets of my life.

But there are upsides. For one, I'm having an absolute blast and am finding the more I write, the better writer I become. The same is true with being creative: I feel as though I am more creative having a month now under my belt. I'm also learning a few skills and dabbling in some new technologies in the process, which never hurts. And lastly (but not least-ly) I've gotten a loyal core following that has been really supportive and given me some great, honest feedback. I can't thank you you all enough.

Also, I've kind of settled on a few details about the blog that I'll lay out here:

  • I'll try and update every weekday. That seems like the right frequency to me from both a schedule-management and a content generating perspective.
  • I'm under no obligation to censor anything here, but I do need to be able to be proud of what I've put out on The Unwind. Therefore, this blog is going to stay relatively clean and respectful.
  • While I do have personal, social and professional lives, I'll be intentionally vague about them here to keep them separate. I'll relate stories and experiences, but no names or specifics - I respect mine and others' privacy and I really don't feel like putting my job in jeopardy over a blog.
  • No, seriously, I can't thank you all enough for the support.
It's been a great month. Here's to many more months (years?) of electronic shenanigans and tomfoolery!


B.J. Dumpster said...

Who cares what you write, I'm just here for the pictures!

Jon Baker said...

Thank you Senor Dumpster. I'll be sure the include more pictures in my posts.

Jeffrey said...

great jab baker! and i like pictures too!