Jun 5, 2008

Houston, we have WiiFit

I was able to secure a copy of WiiFit today and will post in the near future about my initial reactions to it and how the progress is coming thusfar. I do plan, however, on taking you all on through a long, strange journey as I transform my body from this:

To this:

I'm thinking it'll probably take me 3, maybe 4 weeks tops. Savvy?

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with that...I think it's definitely a possibility. Wouldn't it suck really bad though if WiiFit somehow became counterproductive and turned you from looking like the bottom guy to looking like the one at the top? I'm sure that could never happen though, right? I mean, how would it? Hopefully I'm not jinxing myself by saying this because I'm quite the WiiFit fan myself...the Wii Balance Board is the only thing that can tell me I'm over-weight and I'm not too terribly offended or depressed. It's much more disheartening when your friend tells you that.