Jun 9, 2008

If you keep making that face, it's going to get stuck like that

Have you ever made a funny face before? Whether it be to make someone laugh, or scare a little kid on Halloween, everyone has. According to Wikipedia (the universal source of all truth), this distorted facial expression is known as a "gurn".

Some people across the pond seem to take this activity a little too seriously. In England, they have gurning competitions where the contestants have to make the most ridiculous faces they can while sticking their head through a horse collar. Picture in your mind what that looks like. Then take a look at the following world gurning champion ten years running, Tommy Mattinson, with the Queen of England:

The Queen is giving the same "wtf" expression you probably have on your face right now

I also found a few other gurning resources online (again) thanks to Wikipedia. If you want to see more gurning pictures, get your head checked check out the following links below:


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