Jun 24, 2008

More Hasslehoff than you can handle

So long Facebook! Goodbye MySpace! Hello... David Hasslehoff?

From deep within the "Dear God, Why?" area of the internet, comes a new kind of social networking. One that revolves solely around Knight Rider and Baywatch star David Hasslehoff. For real.

I can't really tell you much more about it because my head hurts when I look at the site for too long. Most everything outside of the splash page requires you to be a member or sign up. It apparently has videos, a forum, active members and-

I'm sorry, I can't do this. It's Hasslehoff. I'll go great lengths to find the internet's dirtiest, darkest corners, but even this is crossing some kind of line. This is what a computer must feel like when it tries to divide by zero.

One thing I can say, with confidence, is that overexposure to concentrated David Hasslehoff is bad for one's health. Please view "HoffSpace" responsibly:


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