Jun 18, 2008

It's a good time to be addicted to TF2

Oh man, Team Fortress 2 keeps getting better.

Courtesy of Rock, Paper, Shotgun, news was spilled today that thew new Pyro pack is going live on Thursday, with all new achievements to earn and weapons to unlock. Additionally, TF2 will be free this weekend to those who don't already own it. It's kinda like those free HBO weekends you'd have once a year, only this is like a million times cooler. Keep an eye on Steam's main page, which I assume will have details closer to this weekend on how to score some free TF2 gaming.

Be advised, if you're going to be playing it for the first time this weekend, you're pretty much going to be playing on servers with mostly Pyro's as people try to unlock stuff. Not that it's a terribly bad thing, just not the norm.

Additionally, the Meet the Sniper video is out and it's freaking hilarious. Check it out below:

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