May 6, 2009

U Can't Touch Mormon Jesus

A friend of mine recently sent me a video that he said I needed to post on The Unwind. Giving his opinion the weight it deserves, I checked the recommended video "U Can't Touch Mormon Jesus". My reactions to the video were the following:

Viewing 1: What the shit is this?
Viewing 2: No way am I putting it on The Unwind.
Viewing 3: Why am I still watching it?
Viewing 4: Mormon Jesus' head bobbing is freaking awesome.
Viewing 5: "STOP! Mormon Time!"
Viewing 6: LOL.
Viewing 7: This is like a really good (or really bad) 80's Saturday morning cartoon.
Viewing 8: I wonder if Mormon Jesus can be summoned by the Planeteers.
Viewing 9: ...I think I need to pitch an idea to the Mormon Church (again).
Viewing 10: Oh God, why can't I get this out of my head?

The bastard was right. I need to inflict this upon the you, the reader share with the masses. Behold! Mormon Jesus!


EGTF said...

I started playing it, also thinking "Wtf?". For the most part I maintained that attitude, being slightly weirded out also.

But as it progressed and started talking about having sex wtih a virgin to give birth to mormon jesus and three wives I started to smile. Then Joseph Smith instead of Hammertime made me start to laugh.

Now I showed it to my friends and they're all giving me funny looks.

Jazmeister said...

This is great. I'm going to annoy my wife with this all day.