May 14, 2009

Shotgun Content 7

Click, click, pull:

  • Lately, the Konami Code has been sweeping the internet. Several sites now have Easter eggs and/or additional functionality built into them simply by entering the Konami code into them. There's a whole list of them over at

    I would love to be able to Konami Code-enable something here on The Unwind, but I don't know what, and don't immediately have the programming expertise to do it. I can work on the coding, any suggestions on what that Easter egg should be, readers?

  • Random thought: How can successful emo bands still be all Angsty McLiveJournal after they've hit it big? If I were them, I'd go all Scrooge McDuck swimming in my large sums of money and when I'm bored with that have sex until I pass out with any number of beautiful women throwing themselves at me. Simply because I could. How are they not all sunshine and puppies at this point?

  • TF2 64. It needs to be done.

  • I did a few photoshops for, but never strung enough together to make any coherent theme of it here. Soooo, here:
Theme: Famous Pictures Without Pants

Theme: If Microsoft Ruled the World

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