May 12, 2009

Awkward Family Photos

This is an idea that I hate myself for for not thinking of sooner.

You ever take a picture, only to realize after the fact that it's horrible? Multiple driver's licenses I've seen and owned can attest to this fact. Best case scenario, it's something you can laugh off with your friends. Worst case scenario, you make people recoil like watching the Elaine dance.

But what if you take the time to get your family together, get all dressed up, and have your picture taken by someone who at least knew how to operate a high-end camera (not just point-and-shoot)? What if the picture then turned out horrible? Likely, you'd be featured on Awkward Family Photos:

It's a site dedicated to capturing and sharing all awkward family photos, mostly to hilarious results. Started about a month ago, it updates very frequently (apparently, there's no shortage of these photos).

Truly the internet is a magical place.


EGTF said...

Haha oh god John, you seem to find all sorts of interesting dregs of the internet.

I'm sat laughing at family photos with an uncomfortable feeling of seeing something which was never meant to be seen by strangers.

Dan said...

That is a great find Jon. Have you seen this one?

Jon Baker said...

Oh dear god, Dan. That's AMAZING.