May 5, 2009

Full Throttle, the non-interactive version

Back in its heyday, LucasArts made some damn fine video games - particularly of the adventure variety. They were the masterminds behind the Monkey Island series, Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, and my favorite: Full Throttle.

It's you're standard story of the biker-turned-hero, Ben, who has to clear the Polecats', his gang's, name after they are framed for the brutal murder of the president of the last remaining motorcycle company. The game, typical of all LucasArts games, had great humor, challenging puzzles, and interesting characters to really keep you interested.

Someone took the liberty of playing through the game and splicing it together into one long video for your enjoyment. Which is good, because now you don't have to spend hours finding a stupid crucial lockpick you can barely see in a door that's SO not obvious playing the game.

"Help me, Ben! You're my only hope!"


Jazmeister said...

I remember I had the demo for this, back when the world was young. It took me MONTHS to complete. Also, I bought it later in a 4-pack of "classic" adventure games. It contained Full Throttle (win!), Sam & Max (win!!), Grim Fandango (win!!1), and The Dig.

The Dig? Wtf is that? It was actually pretty good though. I liked it, I mean. But no, Full Throttle is a game I've wanted in the Source engine for many moons. Fantastic find!

Jon Baker said...

Oh god, even not knowing anything about The Dig, I can confidently say that 4-pack was a good investment.

If they remade this in the Source engine, I think the world would collapse upon itself in awesomeness.

In seriousness, I'm not sure how well it would translate. The primary features of these games were puzzles and story. The puzzles aren't physics based, so all Source would give you is some updated graphics. And I'm pretty sure Ben's jaw-line is physically impossible, so I don't even know if you can use Source for this.

Hell, I'd just settle for it being re-released (as-is) on Steam.