May 21, 2009


Good job, Japan. You've outdone even yourself. Give them credit, they are incredibly efficient at making brain synapses start moshing against one another and then shut off completely.

This hopefully Japanese exclusive WiiWare game is all about... well, I don't know exactly. You'll have to draw your own conclusions with the below video. It's full of OH GOD MY EYES!


Jazmeister said...

Dear Jon Baker,

I am writing to complain about the content on your website.

I would like to complain that it is seldom comprehensible to those users viewing it via Euclidian space.

For example, when attempting to watch your most recent embedded video, I suffered an intense migraine, followed by a complete loss of consciousness and bladder control. I've since repeated this exercise, with similar results.

In summary, that man was wearing a pink bikini.

Yours Sincerely,
Jaz McDougall.

EGTF said...

Dear Jon Baker,

I too wish to make a similar complaint regarding the content on your website.

I have noticed it tends to induce feelings of nausea and brain implosion. I think there was a woman, or a cross dressing man, a bear and a man with a top hat chasing an alien with an american football.

In summary, the Japanese are getting revenge for Hiroshima.

Yours Faithfully,
Edward G.T. Fenning.

P.S *seizure*

Jon Baker said...

Dear Jon Baker,

I, too, am writing about the content on your website.

This latest video has gone too far. I mean, I've put up with a lot of crap you've subjected me too and, through the magic of Stockholm Syndrome, I've stuck by you. But this one just takes the cake.

I've had it. You've assaulted me for the last time. I'm fighting back.

If you can read this, then you already know: I'm leaving you.

Good luck with the tin foil hats and soiled pants. My only hope for you now is that you won't be any more of a danger to society (because then I'd feel guilty about it).

Yours Formerly,
Your Sanity

Prince Okoye said...

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Might as well... said...


You were adopted.

- Mom and Dad