May 19, 2009

Lost in Translation: Taken

Back in the day, a few friends of mine discovered the joy that is Babelfish. Specifically, translating things into Japanese and back again. I've decided to apply this alchemy to short(er) reviews of movies and/or games, to give my opinions that extra bit of perspective. As you can see below, something gets lost in translation.

I've edited the below review of Taken, only in that replaced the untranslatable kanji to what my original intentions were in the words surrounded by brackets.


[Liam] Neeson is the government staff whom you make retire from section of thing which kicks the donkey. With this movie, as for him him the fact that relationship with that daughter who ignored these years entirely as a agency is repaired is tried. That daughter goes to Paris, being taken that it presumes, can. As for remainder of movie " Is put Waldo compared to [Liam] which tries the fact that daughter the way eagerly is found is included; Where' s Waldo? " Book. With that wake as for him kills with progressively new, interesting method the road to be the corpse who is left. Finally, that daughter of discovery of [Liam] and after that directly you have lived happily.

I enjoyed this movie really. That undecided state, the fight scene, had the pursuit and espionage activities of the car. Basic the bone series isn' Think of that it meets to the [Harrison Ford] movie; The Star Wars or Indiana Jones of t.


Jazmeister said...

Wow, I should watch that! I'm a sucker for the pursuit and espionage activites of the car.

EGTF said...

I make at my that look the other night loved this movie, in my girl friend. But as for me me you must call, the babelfish translation which is not appraised excessively very

[Translation: I loved this movie, I made my girlfriend watch it the other night too. I have to say though, I do not rate babelfish translations too highly]

Jon Baker said...


I was surprised to find out Liam Neeson was in the section of thing which kicks the donkey. I must have missed that.


It is how hilariously bad the Babelfish translations are that really warms my heart.

Or, to translate:

Babelfish translation how there is a bad state where that warms my center really cheerfully is.