May 27, 2009

The Kadir-Buxton method, kung-fu for the soul

Over the years, man's grasp of medicine has evolved and grown. We've gone from the four humours, to the great accident penicillin, to many new and exciting technologies and drugs. I have no idea what exactly those new things are, I'm not a real doctor (no matter what I may tell you in person). Point is, when I meet someone who is a doctor I trust these people - who spent the better part of their lives studying this kind of thing - know what they're doing.

Why am I bringing this up? Because some dude claims that he has the cure/answer for, like, almost everything in this world. Mental illness, female orgasms, fertility, Alzheimer's, cheap electricity, making people forget things, an alternative to sex, and a lot of other stuff that I couldn't be bothered to read after about 30 minutes of reading.

His method? You get struck somewhere on your body. No joke. This guy strikes you:

This is the real life Dr. Nick

This is the developer of the Kadir-Buxton method. His site, which purports all of this medical alchemy, can be found at:

I was hoping this site would have links to YouTube videos of his method at work, because I need to see it in action to believe it. No, wait, I just need to see it in action for entertainment purposes.

I have to give credit where it's due, though. This method did have the side effect of having the balls to claim all of this stuff. Admittedly, his site is a pretty good read. But I warn you, the idiocy of it is so thick you'll need to stop and surface for air after a while.

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Andy Kadir-Buxton said...

Science is suck it and see. Everyone knows some who is mentally ill, with one in four insane at some stage during their lives. All you give is an Ad hominem attack.