Aug 29, 2008

Web servers and thumb drives, together at last

Time to get a little serious and stop being an internet tough guy amateur wise-cracking blogger for a minute. I came across a really interesting article the other day, where you can turn your thumb drive into a personal web server:

So naturally, I've spent a better part of this evening trying it out. The instructions tell you to install a fairly straightforward program, XAMPP, that installs and runs everything for you. This is good, because server level details are waaaay beyond my technical knowledge.

Of course, even using XAMPP seems to be beyond my technical knowledge. I've been trying desperately to get this thing up and running. I got Apache working for a little bit, but when I stopped the server, unplugged my thumb drive (which I'm supposed to be able to do), and tried to start it up again... Apache screams at me. Like all the time. Errors galore.

So I'm installing XAMPP for the 3rd time as I write this. Hopefully, the 3rd time is the charm!

Any help from anyone on the internets would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to do this for a side project I'm working on, and having a little test environment would be unbelievably useful.


Skruffy said...

ha, I tried doing this on a thumb drive back when I worked at ING. Couldn't figure it out. Ask Dmitri Redcenco at the company. He set all that up for portal dev.

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