Aug 25, 2008

Fist Over IP (FOIP) Telephony

Some time ago (I honestly can't remember when), I doodled this after a series of really frustrating telemarketing calls:

I call it Fist Over IP (FOIP) telephony. While I doubt we as a human race have the quantum physics ability to actually transport someone's fist over a phone line or over the internet, we could install a fist into each person's phone. A judicious press of the "punch button" is all it takes to activate it.

At very least, we ought to do this for telemarketers' phones. It would be some sort of deal: in exchange for not hanging up on them until the telemarketer finshes his pitch, we get to punch a telemarketer. They close more deals, we get more immediate and tangible karmic retribution. It's win-win!

Someone invent this, pretty pretty please.

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