Aug 20, 2008

New! Meat!

Did I mention TF2 is freaking awesome?

The new heavy update has been released today, and there is a crap-ton of stuff that came with it. One of the things released is a new "Meet the" video, where historically this video series would introduce one of the game's character classes. This time, however, we're introduced to one of the new unlockable weapon for the heavy: a sandvich.

To eat it, you basically have to not carry around your shotgun and be completely vulnerable for 4 seconds while consuming the "edible device". The upside is that you can self-heal 120 points per sandvich (a sizeable amount) between fights. Time will tell if this addition keeps the class fair and balanced versus the other classes, or if it'll be tweaked down the road a la the Backburner's health bonus.

One this for sure is Valve is one creative group of s.o.b.'s, and this addition - and video - is hilarious. This game just continues to ooze with personality. Go ahead, meet the sandvich:

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