Aug 7, 2008

A shotgun blast of content 2: Electric Boogaloo

Once again, I find myself splicing together a few ideas that wouldn't be postworthy separately.

  1. I think I want to make a movie. I've had this idea for a movie mulling around my head for a while... I'd like to do a mock-documentary of a team of writers trying to write the next great comedy. Something in the style of The Office, one of my favorite shows on TV.

    This is a partial solicitation. While I have a bunch of ideas for this, I need people to actually play the parts. If you're interested, and in the Connecticut area, let me know. At this stage of the game, I'm flexible with the cast (having not written line 1 yet). Knowing who will be playing the parts will help me tailor each character to the personalities and strengths of the people playing them. I hope to start on the script sometime in the not-too-distant future.

    I remembered how much fun I had making the Bomber's commercial way back when, and am equally excited to give this a go. It may bomb, it may rock, but I'm going to have some fun with it.

  2. On pain of online harassment (the worst kind of harassment!) I've been coerced to mention a co-worker's side project, The Musicfan Gallery. He takes great pride in it, gathering all photos he feels capture the essence of whatever artist is the subject of the photo. For legal reasons, he also asked me to explicitly mention that collecting these photos in no way violates any restraining orders said artists may or may not have against him.

  3. Mr. Rogers popping and locking. Enough said.

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Nick said...

Thanks for the mention Jon! And don't forget the site has all original images and is the only place to find original Musicfan Gallery musical artwork and merchandise too!! :)(shameless, and free, self-promotion). Love The Unwind.

- Nick