Aug 6, 2008

Spin Psycle

I stumbled upon a really cool test that supposedly determines if you're left- or right-brained. It's a 3D silhouette of a female spinning, and depending on which side of the brain you favor, you will either see her spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Bonus points if you stare at it long enough to see it go in the opposite direction, which is kinda freaky.,21598,22492511-5005375,00.html?from=mostpop

If this is to be believed, it was really interesting for me to discover that I'm actually right brained, having grown up with and studied very logic-based fields. I've always nurtured my affinity for computers, both in my hobbies, job and getting a bachelor's in computer science; and I've always enjoyed crunching numbers, which culminated in a bachelor's in finance. So I just naturally assumed I was left-brained.

But the characteristics of a right-brained person listed with the test more generally fit who I am. That's not to say I have no left-brain aptitude... in fact, a bunch of the left-brain characteristics also fit me well. It's just there wasn't anything on the right-brain that didn't describe my personality to (at minimum) some significant degree. Weird.

Of course, I also noticed that the female dancer's nipples are sticking out. Which, of course, means that Freud was right. As usual.


Gawain83 said...

that's awesome! apparently i'm right sided as well, though a lot of the left side does describe me. that whole math/science thing. and getting her to flip back and forth and back again is a trip.

Anonymous said...

As I keep stare at this, she keeps flip-flopping. Its almost like watching Obama's...

Jon Baker said...


Oh no, you didn't. You just turned this blog into a political one.

And now, I'd like to welcome the far left and far right wingnuts that are sure to flood the comments section at any time.

And shortly thereafter, I'd like to welcome the ad hominem attacks on each other.

And shortly thereafter that, I'm going to ban people who will inevitably start invoking Hitlers name and using racist comments. I don't even know if I can ban people


Anonymous said...

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