Jul 17, 2008

A shotgun blast of content

Fitness update:
Since posting my intentions about a month ago, things haven't gone as well as planned. I've been keeping up with the WiiFit, but getting to the gym has not been as regular as I would have liked. Also, I scrapped the WeightWatchers thing because I didn't have anyone to go with (originally planning on going with Girlfriend). In all, I'm weighing in at 299.4 pounds, roughly .5 pounds higher than I was about a month ago, according to WiiFit, which could be much worse.

The problem isn't that I'm not staying active, it's just I'm eating too much. As it turns out, I'm addicted to food. I need it as many as 3 times a day, and when I don't get my fix I experience withdrawals and eventually relapse. Every day is a struggle.

Odd Squad update:
One of my old buddies recently revived a project of theirs, The Ice Anvil, to review pretty much whatever tickles their (it's a team of 2) fancy. It's a biting and bizarre take on the best and worst that culture - and sub-culture - have to offer. I've found it to be a great read so far and hope that these guys can keep up their level of output, both in volume and quality.

Unwind update:
You can now subscribe to The Unwind via an RSS feed that is now up and running. Maybe. I think. You see, I've used RSS feeds in the past, but I've never created one before. Blogger appears to have made it happen with only a few clicks of the mouse.

If you are having difficulty subscribing, blame it on the "Jonathan only spent 5 minutes on it so he can get to sleep at a reasonable hour" excuse. Oh, and let me know so I can fix it.

Video update:
It may contain stronger language, it may require a basic understanding of Pokemon, but it made me laugh time and again today:


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