Apr 24, 2009

There's a zombie on your lawn

Sometimes, I really hate my friends.

Case in point: a few of them turned me onto an upcoming PopCap game, Plants vs. Zombies. Or to be more specific, they turned me onto a music video for Plants vs. Zombies. From what I can tell in this video it's a "defend your castle" type game which I can only assume will be executed to near-perfection, given PopCap's reputation.

But I can't get the f'ing song from the music video out of my head. It's brilliant in that it's catchy enough for me to repeat it ad nauseum, yet ridiculous and funny enough for me to not go insane for having it stuck in my head.

You win this round, PopCap. Actually you've won every round so far, but still...

There's a zombie on your lawn...


Jazmeister said...

Did you see the actual trailer yet?

It's here on youtube, although... why do I get the feeling you know your way around the series of youtubes?

Btw, you don't want zombies on the lawn.

EGTF said...

Damn both of you. Do you know how many funny looks I've had today singing this song under my breath, as I didn't realise I was in earshot of people?

I blame you moreso John. First the Megaman 2 rap, now this.

Jon Baker said...


Actually I hadn't. After being hypnotized by the video, I just couldn't be arsed enough to look for one - though the game does look interesting enough for me to want to play it.


I lol'd, but only because that was me for the first 48 hours after watching the video.

Jazmeister said...

That was indeed some fine megaman stylings. The dude should continue and do more games, until the end of time. They should be outtro music for hilarious text-adventure versions of modern games, and then you could, you know, uh... nah, I could only think of two types of parody.