Apr 8, 2009

Photoshop Flailing: What famous movie characters are up to these days

This week's Cracked.com photoshop contest asked readers what famous movie characters are doing today. I was happy to oblige, and was able to come up with the following. Click any of them for a higher res version.

This was the role Anakin Skywalker was born to play!

Wait until you hear him sing "It's a Hard Knock Life"!

Once a pirate, always a pirate they say.

Though sad that this form of piracy lacks the adventure of the good old days, Jack is warmed to the fact that he has access to limitless porn.

And lastly, I was thinking really hard on how I wanted to use Robocop in a photoshop. Suddenly, the answer dawned upon me like a zen master coming to enlightenment:

The only reason Robocop hasn't joined Daft Punk is because scientists are worried that the universe would then implode on its own awesomeness.

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