Apr 27, 2009

The US housing market crisis: A summary

About a week ago, while perusing the oft-interesting and irrefutably-titled This is a Blog, a challenge was laid to take a current event and put it into humorous picture squares. Or comics. Whichever term you prefer.

The point is I did one. And since I've been brought up to believe that sharing is good, here's my take on one of the many underlying reasons why the US housing market has tanked (what started this whole horrible economic mess we're in today):


Jazmeister said...

I love this, because if you could tear random pages from the diaries of the people responsible, you'd probably see that the day to day grind towards instant gratification totally and straightforwardly undermines just about everything we do as a species.
Which is why the people who are responsible have so much time off to be other things, while the people working against it are "activists" who have to go at it full-tilt and still hardly make a dent.


Jim Stankewicz said...

My only comment is that each of the years should be dialed back by 1.

Brilliant nonetheless.

Jon Baker said...


You're probably right. I was thinking very early 2009, when we were at the tail end of "OMG TEH SUBPRIMES" mode, but 2008 probably makes more sense here. I'll edit it later today.