Apr 15, 2009

Nerf Now

In searching for good reading materials on the internet earlier today, specifically of the webcomic variety, I discovered Nerf Now. It's a video game webcomic that focuses primarily on Team Fortress 2, though does cross-over into other games such as StarCraft and Mega Man. But oh how I love me some TF2.

While it would be easy to dismiss it as yet another video game webcomic, I like this comic because it challenges itself. The dialogue is almost non-existent, or at least distilled to a Sims-like level, so the stories and ideas conveyed need to be that much more thought-out and executed upon. And, being largely TF2-based humor, I'm impressed how little of it is obvious "OMG it was a spy" jokes. Yes, I know the game lends itself to a lot of this kind of situational irony, but it's just that seems to be the punchline in most every other TF2 joke.

I also really like the art style of the comic. It's detailed, but not overly complex which I think is very much in line with the way TF2 plays out as a game. If I were ever to stop dabbling in drawing and start taking it more seriously, I'd like to think this style would be ideal for me to emulate.

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