Apr 6, 2009

BRB, getting dunked on by Patrick Chewing

Patrick Ewing FTW! Being born and raised a New Yorker, he was my childhood sports idol and makes this commercial all the better. It inspired me to buy a Snickers bar. Patrick didn't dunk on me, though.



Jazmeister said...

It's shit like this that has you in my Google Reader (I know, I know) under "Interesting People" and "Oft Funny Thingies".

That exploded, btw. He said "raaaaaaaaaaaaargh" and then that thing, the plate on a raised pole thing, with the netted ring thingy, exploded. Jus' thought you should know.

Jon Baker said...

Hey, thanks! I feel oddly validated. Not that your words were oddly put together, but more that I've never really thought of myself as an "Oft Funny Thingy".