Feb 25, 2009

TF2 Scout pack is out!

Valve really knows how to bring the love to gamers. I am a gamer. Therefore, by the transitive property of love, Valve loves me. It feels good to be loved, you know?

While Team Fortress 2 continues to be one of my favorite PC games ever, admittedly I hadn't been able to get myself back into it. Not because it's bad, but I've had a bajillion other things to do and the gameplay had gotten... a little stale.

Which brings us to today, when the new Scout pack is out for TF2. It comes complete with new unlockable Scout weapons, Scout achievements, and Valve-created and community maps to play it all on. All of which are conspiring to get me reacquainted with the addiction I call TF2. Details of the pack can be found here:


This means that if you're going to play TF2 for the next couple of days you're going to see Scouts. Lots of them. If you're not grinding out your own achievements as the Scout, be prepared. My advice:

  • Engineer's sentries are set to have a field day, and Natasha-equipped (or skilled Sasha-equipped) Heavies should have fun against leetle targets as well.

  • Pyros' and Soldiers' lives have gotten more interesting - Scouts never were a huge problem for them, but now there's just more of them to harass you.

  • For Medics and skilled Snipers, it's still business as usual. For bad Snipers (like myself), your targets just got a lot faster.

  • Demoman and Spies should just take the next week off.
Happy Scouting!

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