Feb 20, 2009

(Spoiler alert) And the winners of the 81st Academy Awards are...

I just found this on reddit literally a few seconds ago. The award winners for the upcoming Academy Awards appear to have been leaked online, in what is either an elaborate hoax or grounds for someone's termination somewhere within the 'ol academy. See for yourself (spoiler alert, obviously):


Mirror'd if original's taken down:

Personally, I really dislike yearly award shows because I like forming my own opinions of what was and wasn't good in the past year, particularly around mediums I'm exposed to on a regular basis (movies and television, most notably). So, if this is real, it's saved me from a few hours of celebrity gawking I probably wasn't going to watch anyway. Huzzah!

Oh, and Heath Ledger's winning best supporting actor in the Dark Knight. I couldn't resist ruining something... why so serious?

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