Feb 17, 2009

Smile, you're watching bad reality television!

Only the Fox network, the fine upstanding people that brought you Temptation Island, could have dreamed up the reality TV show "Smile... You're Under Arrest!". And though it soundly falls under the category of "train wreck", it's a show so bad you can't help but watch.

The show involves luring unsuspecting people who have outstanding arrest warrants into various scenarios - like being an extra on a set of a movie or a fashion show. Then once there, they mess with them for a while and eventually the gig is up. Turns out all but 4 of the people are really undercover deputy sheriffs, who then place them under arrest.

Part of me is genuinely intrigued by the whole premise, but a larger part of me thinks this show really didn't need to be made. I mean it's one thing to play pranks on others, something I'm a strong advocate for. It's quite another to watch sheriffs - hopefully fine, upstanding public servants you're supposed to look up to - laughing at soon-to-be-inmates while they unwittingly humiliate themselves. And from the one episode I've seen (embedded below), the head actor is kind of a douche.

Take a look for yourself, or watch the rest of the series on Hulu:

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