Feb 23, 2009

Mindcipher and Mindtrip

I figure I'd go both ends of the spectrum on this one.

First, there's a cool site that I've been perusing in my rare moments of free time: Mindcipher. It's a site that aims to be a social repository for all brain teasers, logic puzzles, mathemagics and other arcane sorcery. The site seems to have been created recently, as there aren't a huge amount of puzzles available. But it has been steadily growing, with new problems being added daily.

I used to love these kinds of puzzles growing up, and it's good to see that this sort of activity is still carried on by someone. Honestly, those "[CELEBRITY NAME]'S IQ IS 130, WHAT'S YOURS?!" blinking ad banners were a poor substitute at best.

As for the mindtrip:

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