Feb 27, 2009

There's an app for that.

I think I'm going to try to sketch up a random comic that I want to make. This whole idea is really just and excuse to play around with my new pen tablet more. I've been itching for an excuse to use it lately, and the idea for this comic hit me all at once the other day.

It'll be a mock iPhone commercial, which I'm hoping shouldn't be terribly complex from a drawing standpoint. I've written the script below to share with you what I envision it to be, but also to not forget it later.

I'm not committing to a timeframe for it's completion because a) I don't really draw all that often and may do such a crappy job it'll either take forever or be scrapped altogether, and b) I have other more important things simultaneously going on in my life and those take precedence.

"There's an app for that":

[strip starts with an iPhone being held by a hand, a la the current iPhone commercials]

Voice: The great thing about the iPhone is...

[the hand starts flipping apps, starting up one for a call girl service]

Voice: If you want to find a hooker at 3 AM in, say, Weehawken, New Jersey...

[starts playing with the application]

Voice: There's an app for that.

[goes back to the menu screen, flips with a hand covered in blood to the Body-B-Gone app, leaving faint blood streaks]

Voice: If you need to find a service that will discreetly dispose of the body, no questions asked...

[continues using the application]

Voice: There's an app for that.

[goes back to the menu screen, and navigates to the iExtort app, continuing to leave blood streaks]

Voice: And if you want Apple to keep quiet about this whole thing...

[A second hand appears with a credit card as the user starts up the application]

Voice: There's even an app for that. But you'll have to pay. Dearly.

[Apple logo, end]

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