Feb 11, 2009

*Gasp* ninjas! Also, unicorns.

Not content with being your one stop a source for online shenanigans and tomfoolery, The Unwind is now going cram itself with more ninjas and unicorns than you can handle... with your help, that is.

Thanks to the always awesome Felicia Day, I was turned onto ninjafy and cornify. These services allow for the insertion of ninjas and unicors, respectively, into sites that are devoid of such magical, mythical creatures. If you find The Unwind not including as many as you had originally hoped for, please feel free to include as many ninjas and unicorns as you see fit to the page (keep clicking to add more ninjas/unicorns).



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

what about pirates?! they are the chosen people of the FSM you know!