Mar 23, 2009

Best minute I've spent watching Youtube EVER

Kill Bill volumes 1 and 2, while not cinematic masterpieces, have all the makings of a classic "guy movie" - babes, fights, blood, swords, ninjas (kinda), and David Carradine. Like my teacher always said, you write what you know... and Tarantino knows campy guy movies.

But what happens when you condense all of it into a one-take, one minute synopsis? Well, it translates pretty well, actually. You lose some of the sass and that awesome, gratuitous fight scene with the Crazy 88's, but you also cut out a lot of the BS. See for yourself:

1 comment:

Jazmeister said...

Yay! Now I can show Kill Bill to my wife.

She watched Watchmen fine, though, so maybe she can watch the actual thing.

But she hates Ol' Motor Chin.