Mar 17, 2009

An experiment in crowdsourcing (and Twitter)

I recently posed a question to Twitter, and am posting it here to preserve it.


In the past 24 hours, I randomly got followed by 50+ new people, mostly marketers. Considering I had only 70+ followers prior to this, it's a pretty significant jump. In the past I've normally taken a stance where I only follow people who I find interesting and, in all honesty, most of these people aren't terribly interesting to me (sorry marketers).

This said, I wanted to see if I could get Twitter to make this decision for me. After all, who knows Twitter better than the Twitter collective?


I'm asking all interested in weighing in on the matter, do I:

  • Follow them back, thinking "the more the merrier"?
  • Continue to be selective in who it is I let into my friend feed?

If you'd like to respond, leave a comment here or Tweet me (@JonBaker).


I'm very interested to find out the results of this experiment - not only to understand what people's thoughts on the matter are, but how collaborative my little slice of the internet is.

I'll make my decision based on everyone's input in 24 hours time.

What the hell is Twitter? Is it contagious?

Regular readers of this blog, if you don't know what Twitter is I highly recommend you take a look at it. It's an interesting way to communicate, stay up-to-date with other cool people and above all it's fun. If you join up, give me a follow at, and I'll follow you back (trust me, you're more interesting than the marketers).

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