Jul 16, 2009

TF2 videos

It's of no surprise to anyone who reads this blog that I love Team Fortress. I really think there's something for everyone and, though not perfect, comes about as close as you're gonna get in the first person shooter realm.

There's just something about throwing around jars of piss that really resonates with me.

Anyway, in my zealotry, I find a ton of videos that range from the pretty amazing to the "meh". Lately a few of them have caught my eye. You can find them after the break.

Meet the Crashes. Think America's Funniest Home Videos meet TF2.

Girlfriend Fortress. Someone recorded their girlfriend playing TF2 for the first time to fairly hilarious results. I think this is actually pretty close to my first experience ("how come I can't shoot while I'm invisible?")
Watch more videos of TF2

The always fun Nom nom nom server played a pacman map to awesome results.

Someone modded a female scout class. It's not perfect, as you can see, but it's neat.

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