Jun 18, 2009

Today is Unintentional Homoerotic Euphemism Day

Yes, today is Unintentional Homoerotic Euphemism Day. You didn't know? Better get on the horn, reach out to a friend and get an earful of hot, sweaty knowledge because it is.

To celebrate Unintentional Homoerotic Euphemism Day I present to you "Carrot Highway", a unintentionally hilarious kids video all about one of nature's most phallic vegetables. I wonder if this was a low point in the careers of our hosts "NIGEL!", "CASSIDY!", and "Tom Gorman". As a bonus, after the video's sanity-eroding song you're treated to a monologue by an animated carrot cowboy.

I can't believe I just typed that last sentence.


Jazmeister said...

Dude, that video is fucking LOADED! "Double loaded", even. I think recommending this to anyone on a one-to-one basis could constitute sexual harassment.

Gawain83 said...
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