Jun 23, 2009

Burger King to offer a new sexual value menu?

It's an adage touted by marketers and car salesmen alike: sex sells. And while this is generally true, Burger King decided to be the exception to the rule.

This advert for the Burger King Super Seven Incher is just wrong. The innuendo in and of itselt isn't the issue. It's that BK's food makes me feel fat and greasy - not sexy. It's trying to combine my sex and hunger drives in a way that causes an internal riot. Also, TOO MUCH MAYO.

And I can't help but keep imagining the King watching this woman deepthroat the sub. Always, always watching with his cold, soulless eyes.

1 comment:

Jazmeister said...

I ' M : C O M I N G

to trust burger king's marketers to surprise me at every turn. I think it's great that they had the

M A S S I V E : B A L L S

to risk offending every non-male non-heterosexual non-sexually-active/mature customer who glances at it. Or just everyone, even.