Jan 20, 2009

I'm baaaaaack

After a long, productive hiatus, in which I have sent in a majority of my MBA applications, I finally feel like I have the time to tend to this blog again. HIGH FIVE!

DISCLAIMER: The Unwind is not responsible for broken and/or damaged monitors or screens as a result of this celebration.

Some of what I've been up to lately:
  • Finishing my MBA applications. I still have one more to go (University of Connecticut) followed by seeing what I can do about scheduling interviews and filling out the FAFSA. Not out of the woods but HOLY CRAP do I feel better not having 6 other applications over my head.

  • Weightwatchers. Yes, I joined Weightwatchers. I wanted to get serious about losing weight, so I started the program with the Girlfriend. This is our first week, and already I'm having a hard time eating all the food I'm supposed to. Not the quality of the food, mind you, the quantity of it. I'm actually eating more food now that I'm on this plan. Granted, it's somewhat healthier stuff, but I feel like something's wrong when it's 10 PM and I realize I need to eat a 4th meal to finish my daily "points" (you need to eat all of your daily points on this plan).

  • Fair Use Law podcast. I know I missed like 20 updates here on this site, but it's been fun. Episode 8 gets recorded later this week!

  • Twitter. Stupid thing has trained me to write in only 140 characters increments, but it's a lot of fun using it to communicate with friends. Also, it's a pretty handy tool to e-stalk several of my favorite web comickers, some of the cast of Heroes (GO PARKMAN!), and many other moderately-to-incredibly famous people I find interesting. If you're on, give me a follow!

  • I also purchased a Wacom Bamboo tablet after the holidays, as I have moderate aspirations to use it in some kind of fashion. Maybe I'll make a webcomic of my own, but at very least it should be helpful with photoshopping in general - I've already come to appreciate the higher level of control using a pen affords.

I can't wait to get back into the swing of things again. Stay tuned!


JM said...

When you miss out on a meal, your body says "Oh shit, did that last meal ever arrive? FUCK what if he's in a desert or something! Where is the food gonna come from?!"

It starts storing fat with every meal. A routine is more important than the kind of food, and the kind of food is more important than the amount of food. Michel Montignac has a whole diet where you can eat a variety of good foods provided they don't have a lot of sugar or simple carbs, like white bread. If you get creative enough and don't mind making your own food, you can eat like a king.

In fact, I know a frightening amount about this stuff, which is ironic, because I'm overweight. I moved back with my parents after my dad's stroke and they buy in all kinds of crap. Fuck you doughnuts! (That's donuts ftwbtwkthx)

Anonymous said...

yay! you're back!

Jon Baker said...


Thanks for the insight, though it's a little frightening to think that my body talks without my knowing. Oh it makes noises alright, but nothing that resembles the english language.

And we do spell them "donughnuts" from time to time here in the states, but usually to designate that they are fancy. For whatever reason, the UK culture is considered "fancy" to us. Probably because you don't have NASCAR, you lucky bastards.