Dec 7, 2008

Fair Use Law Podcast - Episode 101

Finally, at long last, the first episode of Fair Use Law is available for your streaming or downloading enjoyment:

This blog should serve as the updating hub of the podcast. Additionally, you should be able to subscribe to us on iTunes:

It's an hour long podcast chock full of inanity and non-sequitirs. Be forewarned, if you're at work or around impressionable children, you may want to listen to this with headphones as there is sporadic harsh language.

A synopsis of the episode, as plagiarized quoted from Dan Robinson's synopsis of the episode:

For your post-Cyber Monday goodness, please partake in our first episode. I can guarantee it's roughly 99% STD and Stone Temple Pilots free.

As with all future episodes of our merry band, listen in awe as myself, Danger Dan Robinson, my partner in rhyme, Baker, and our producer, the Reverend Randy Lewis spin a yarn that you could knit a deliciously awful Christmas sweater with. Discussions found within include tales about Siena College and their inability to provide beds to their dorm dwellers, Rampage 64, former head cheerleaders becoming strippers and the awkward way of handling the touchy subject of meeting them in public, and, of course, our lord and savior.

Oh, and Cloverfield. We talk about Cloverfield.

Not mentioned: we bust out into an a capella rendition of Dr. Mario.

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